Photo shoot 

I was lucky enough to have some of my work photographed professionally in a photography studio. It was a great opportunity to see the work as part of a domestic setting, exploring different ways of arranging it and also to visualise them in the context they have been intended to be in.

Printing on washable paper 

A product I have encountered a lot recently is Kraft Tex, a washable paper. A paper type, which can be treated like fabric but also easily printed on digitally or via screen printing. The paper is made of sustainable cellulose fibre with a plastic core, making it so robust and durable. It can be washed to soften it and giving it a leather like texture. 

I printed on washed Kraft Tex and sew this storage box to explore if the bug design works on a variety of surfaces. I was particularly inspired by Uashmama, an Italian company using mainly washable paper for their designs.