Slow Textile Group

Based in London, the Slow Textile Group is offering information and workshops on the ‘Slow Fashion’ topic. I follow this group on Facebook as well as their blog and like their inclusive approach, offering online pattern design tutorials and other ways of getting the public involved in designer their own clothing.

Slow Textile Group Blog

From the blog’s about page:

Dr Emma Neuberg founded the group in 2009 in response to a growing public and private demand for more theoretical, reflective and collaborative frameworks for textiles practice, professional development, educational support and lifelong learning.

During a climate of cuts to student funding and Adult Education, growing costs of university study, over-stretched teachers and lecturers and Fast Fashion as therapy, we represent an intergenerational group that inspires, shares and teaches textile design, making and methodologies that stimulate long-life design relationships and long-life material relationships.  From first generation BIBA seamstresses to new technology company directors, our members develop meaningful textiles, materials and composites for haptic depth, enriched quality of life and cultural connectedness.’

The Slow Textile Group


Images courtesy of the Slow Textile Group


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