Etsy Awards



I have recently entered the Etsy Awards with my online shop  TripleTiger on which I sell hand made children’s and baby clothing. I have found this a very useful experience in terms of promoting and presentation my products as well as myself. A public profile can make the difference between a sale or no sale as customers do not only buy products but also the story behind them.

For this I had to make sure the personal statement on my ‘about’ page reflects my ethos and motivation as well as inspiration my work is based on.

Etsy has also recently changed its layout and is placing even more emphasis on imagery so it is vital that photos of products as well as shop updates are as appealing and professional as possible. This is something I continue to work on and hope to improve with practice.

Find out more about the Etsy Awards here.


Slow Textile Group

Based in London, the Slow Textile Group is offering information and workshops on the ‘Slow Fashion’ topic. I follow this group on Facebook as well as their blog and like their inclusive approach, offering online pattern design tutorials and other ways of getting the public involved in designer their own clothing.

Slow Textile Group Blog

From the blog’s about page:

Dr Emma Neuberg founded the group in 2009 in response to a growing public and private demand for more theoretical, reflective and collaborative frameworks for textiles practice, professional development, educational support and lifelong learning.

During a climate of cuts to student funding and Adult Education, growing costs of university study, over-stretched teachers and lecturers and Fast Fashion as therapy, we represent an intergenerational group that inspires, shares and teaches textile design, making and methodologies that stimulate long-life design relationships and long-life material relationships.  From first generation BIBA seamstresses to new technology company directors, our members develop meaningful textiles, materials and composites for haptic depth, enriched quality of life and cultural connectedness.’

The Slow Textile Group


Images courtesy of the Slow Textile Group

Adobe Creative Cloud

I am using the Adobe Creative Cloud apps a great deal in my work and here is a fun, short video illustrating the possibilities these apps present to designers/artists but their accessible nature (they are free!) make them a fantastic tool for everybody who enjoys taking images and is inspired by their surroundings.

This accessibility is the main reason I use these digital tools in my work and feel that they create the opportunity for non professionals to be creative on an advanced level. As my project aims to involve customers in the design process of patterns and imagery, these apps offer the tools for them to do so. I am highly interested in the development of further features as in the past six months alone the options of Adobe Capture have increased  (the Pattern and Looks features have been added recently) .