Microbial Leather experiment results

Finally, after a long time drying, here is my home grown microbial leather.

This has been a very interesting experiment and I am fascinated by how the microbial fibre grows and ‘melts’ into each other, forming a close knit sheet!

But, I have to say, it is a very smelly affaire. The yeasty, sweet smell which develops throughout the growing process is intense and does not disappear after the sheets have been dried. It is also relatively sticky (even after drying it for 2 months!) so not suitable for machine sewing (I tried) or at least not on an average domestic sewing machine.

Concluding, I really enjoyed observing the growing process of this living organism and being part of creating an organic material but due to its smell and sticky feel, I would not work with it further.


Photos: Pascale Dilger (2016)


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