Openknit Project

Designer Gerard Rubio developed an electronic knitting machine, which is able to produce ready to wear garments and fascinatingly, the machine parts are 3D printed meaning that it can be reproduced at a relatively low cost (about £400). Instructions and patterns are available online for free and people can continue to improve or change parts, depending on their needs. This projects relies on the public to come to life and to develop further, giving people the opportunity to be ‘co-producers’ of their own products. I feel that this has the potential to be a very engaging and educating project and I am keen to develop a  project in the same spirit as this one myself.

Openknit Project

Gerard Rubio







(Magee, T (2014) Dezeen magazine ‘OpenKnit is an open source 3D-knitting machine that creates garments in just one hour’ [Online] Available from: – disqus_thread )

Note: I have used this resource in my essay


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