Fruitleather Rotterdam

Another ‘leather’ project I have recently come across is Fruitleather Rotterdam. A project developed by design students at the Willem de Koonig Academie in Rotterdam aiming to highlight the social issue of food waste in Rotterdam while offering a solution to this problem through innovative design.

The concept of fruit leather is not new and snacks made of this type of processed fruit is readily available to buy in shops as snacks for children and adults.

What makes this fruit leather different is the use of fruit destined for the bin. The students collected the unwanted fruit from the Rotterdam fruit market for several months, boiling, pureeing and drying the fruit pulp to create the ‘leather’. The raw material was then made into a bag, illustrating the potential of this material.

The next step for the project is to improve the ‘leather’s’ durability and continue their research into how to make this material a viable option for leather type product.




De Boon, H et al (2015) Fruitleather Rotterdam. Online resource [available at]


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